Firescreens, Pews & Church Kneelers


At the moment we produce hand embroided Tapestries for 2 types of fire screen A tilting fire screen and a Pole screen.

The tapestry for the pole screen is glued to a solid wood surface. While the tapestry for the tilting fire screen is backed and fixed to the wooden frame of the screen.

Altough we only work in 1/12th scale at the moment we are always looking to improve our range. And who knows perhaps we may bring out a 1/24th scale


1/12th Scale  Pew with Padded Seat & 2 Cushions. Hand Stitched Cushions & Seat Pads Orginial designs . Cushions and Seat Pads can be Customised to indivual needs


Hand Stitched Church Kneeler 1/12th Scale.  Fairly recent addition to our range. We are currently working on new designs. and they have proved to be very popular.

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