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Cushions are a definite passion of mine, and over the past few years we have built up a range of cushions in both 1/12th & 1/24th scale. All our hand-embroidered cushions are made to our own designs. We spend a lot of time in the planning stages ensuring that every detail is as good as it can be. attention to detail is everything when working in such a small scale as even the tiniest mistake will ruin the finished look.

hand-embroidered cushions are all my own design. All cushions start at the planning stage. Having had the idea its time to put pencil to paper and draw the design. Having completed the drawing I need to answer the following questions. can I scale the drawing down and still keep the detail. Which colour scheme works best, which material to use whether to put in a background. Will it add or detract to the design. Having completed the design I need to make a prototype. At the end of several months of work, I end up with a new range.
Not all designs are suitable for reproducing in 1/24th scale due to loss of detail.

 We have a wide range of hand-embroidered designs from floral designs on cotton fabric to motif designs on Aida fabric.

1/12th scale Dolls House Hand Embroidered Woodland Animals Cushion Fawn Design

Motif Designs

I Heart Range:

Country flags enclosed in a heart shape design  

Woodland Animal Range:

Designs include Fox, Fawn, Hare & Hedgehog

Seaside Themed Range of cushions & bolsters:

Designs include Beach Huts, Lighthouses & Campervans

Heraldic Theme:

Hand-embroidered heraldic animals. Designs include Rampant Lion, Serpent & Badger all in black & grey 

All designs are sewn on to Aidia 36 count and are available in  1/12th scale.

Floral Designs

Garland designs hand-embroidered floral design in a circular pattern. 

Snowflake designs hand-embroidered floral design in a snowflake pattern.

Petit Garland designs hand-embroidered floral pattern in the centre of cushion with floral design in each corner

Lupin design hand-embroidered lupin flowers 

All designs are sewn on to cotton fabric and are available in 1/12th & 1/24th scale in a wide range of colours.

1/12th scale Dolls House Hand Embroidered Petit Garland Design Mauve Cushions with White, Pink & Peach Flowers
1/12th scale Dolls House Hand Embroidered Cushions: Geometric Design in Black & White

Cross-stitched Designs

Cross designs hand-embroidered pattern with a Cross as the centre point

Geometric designs hand-embroidered geometric patterns

Heart designs hand-embroidered geometric pattern with 4 hearts at its centre.

All designs are sewn on to Aidia 22 & 36 count and are available in  1/12th & 1/24th scale.

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We are always working on new designs so feel free to pop back and check them out.

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